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one conclusion seems to me obvious and that is that

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expenses said after a moment s hesitation I know nothing

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Professor Stimson in his well known and excellent work on

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the Education Committee on a motion moved by Mr. Horsley

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The case recorded above was treated originally by this

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In making the diagnosis in these cases we cannot rely on

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On the motion of Dr. MacAlister seconded by Mr. Tbalk

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take similar objection to registered members of the medical profession

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recovery and cure are immensely increased. Now it must

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that day a conversazione will te given by the Lord Mayor at

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inflicting exactly the same pain in the case of disease is an

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followed at intervals after the temperature had gone down. The patient

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and to isolate the cases of genuine fdiphtherial stomatitis.

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once more turns the dry light of mathematics upon various

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do as they like. The result in this case being that all the

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had to be so nominated that Her Majesty might select therefrom a Fellow

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said they are up but who could see them at a thousand

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fluid being free from albumen. The day after the operation

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Three methods of improving and bringing the medical

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bullet that had previously passed through the neck or through

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needles were removed from the breast of a patient suifering

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case of pyaemia erysipelas tetanus hospital gangrene or

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was seen in ulceration of the stomach. In those cases asso

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all rapidly cured by the administration of pilocarpin we can

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logical corollary of this rule of conduct and not as you would

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other day throughout August and it was noticed that tlie exposed skin

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prevent the dissemination of brass particles through the

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The purpose of rifling is to give rotation to the ball in its

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Craggs whose name the Sctolarship now bears is a mem

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aureus. It is stated that the small plaques of membrane

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show that the midwife was required to give attendance after

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the highest estimation by the members of his profession by

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otherwise the wisdom of the laboratory and the wisdom of the

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normal animals. The speaker stated that all research had

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not instanced all that might be done to check hospital abuse

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adults albumen may appear under some circumstances in the

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would rather have expressed otherwise. But if Dr. Boswell


HP Queries answers arid communications relating to subjects to whieh

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carry up and downstairs. With the exception of some

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