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Review dated October iSth was sent to him at the Veterinary
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either as hot. There is however a portion of the body
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humanity and even thOEe whom religion should have made
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should be made to kill the rats and means taken to prevent
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logical laboratories in Cairo and Alexandria but it would
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Assistant Surgeon Royal Inflrmaiy Edinburgh. Second Edition. Lon
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enjoy the benefits of the institution at comparatively little
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of perforating abdominal wounds recover without operation
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sick and wounded from South Africa in the hospital most of
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On the second day the morning session will be opened by Mr. George
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pensaries. We are also informed that every dispensary maintains a
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there were only cases of plague among European soldiers in
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disappeared and the albumen did not return. I had oppor
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lege A MacMillan Anderson s College with distinction A H.
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eyes of local arcb.i ologists give ground for the supposition
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South Eastehx Bhanch East Kent Disteict. The annual meeting
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favourably. Indeed the case occupied a sort of post of honour in the
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the Y is Fig. i a the nearer will this fracture approach the
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the perineum downwards and backwards during each pain with hngers
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eldest of her family of whom the others are healthy. Her father and
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of qualified medical men the services of akisolutely unqualilied and in
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of small pox is present in the vesicles but the conversion of
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her body. It began in the right half of the trunk and passed
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The annual dinner of tlie Volunteer. Medical Staff will fake place at the
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level upland. The soil and the geological conditions are the
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character as that of entrance. In such cases of course the
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Return Cases of Scarlatina and Length of Infectivity.
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fere with the circulatory organs and it is not to be wondered
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etc. Eibbert s investigations as to the length and calibre of
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was elected and tilled his place as substitute hence lr.
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Nos. and are the hospital wards and are all fitted alike. Each
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In practice however they have been found to be ineffective
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dero Restaurant on May st under the chairmanship of
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Dr. Herbert Spencer had not yet seen a case of retrover
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culous tendency should be rejected or they might infect a
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therefore was overwhelming that alcohol in small amounts
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There were present Dr. de Havilland Hall in the Chair
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had consented to stand. Had he been a member of the
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cause being less both in number and duration than in the
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bonate solution of strychnine and compound infusion of
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Dr. MtJLLER was one of the members of the Austrian Com
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ferments also certain alkaloids such as physostigmin
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gestion was at any rate an improvement. The Committee

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