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GLASGOW FEVER HOSPITAL. Physician Superintendent at BeU idere Hospital not

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Bulloch who says they are absolutely sterile. I did not want

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this method with all the verification essential to it can be

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Albany New York State. A similar experimental plant to

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The Neapolitan law of S though not the first was the

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Dr. MacAlister did not think unobjectionable advertising

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street that Burlington House is well worth a visit and that

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District. The annual meeting of this District for the election of officers

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were discovered the hope was at once entertained that a

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tions with regard to the admission of amateur nurses to

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and oivil element in the medical and surgical staff due

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was a slight increase in the number of dead cats re

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condition of cystitis and its eflTects on adjacent structures

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The President then put Mr. Horsley s amendment which

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far as possible the casting of objectionable litter or dan

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member his card of a different colour for each nationality

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as he justly said was the first to bring the contagiousness of

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faith or you are professionally incompetent. It goes on. I

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gas to escape. The use of reducing substances as sodium

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a similar flap was lifted about inches higlier and the upper

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by a simple physiological experiment in persons with low

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what happened some six or seven years ago when the Com

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evidences of paresis may predominate in another the sym

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in it would reduce direct representatives to mere voting

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the Branch Council might try the effect of a remonstrance for Dr.

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principle adopted by Government offices and that was one

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be attributed the want of a much better result than is now to

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Fagge showed i a case in which healing had occurred after ossicul

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cases of alternating menstruation from each half with or

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might sometimes be justly criticised in the military hospitals

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or a combination of the two. It was not usual for the bones

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muzzle hydrophobia has practically bpen stamped out in

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Museum said that the real memorial of the man was to be

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ferments also certain alkaloids such as physostigmin

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the time would come very shortly when it would demand an

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sterno iuastoid close to the carotid. The bullet tlien entered again the

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