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hygienic conditions of our war in South Africa. A climate

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paraplegia. The precise nature of this symptom I have been unable to

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by an enemy in utter ignorance of what it really is. The

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or will not work gratuitously receive from the State. They

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tice or for seeing some particular experiment carried out. If

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submitted with the object of eliciting the opinions of the profession as to

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craving of this class of patient for a bottle of medicine

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would deprive the hospitals of most of their interest upon the

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privileges of practising in the said country as to Her Majesty may seem

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metliod for preventing waste of scientific results in general

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to well wash out the prostatic urethra tl.e washings to be pertornica

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details of modern surgical treatment. The subject matter has

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one of these dreaded missiles. In not a few instances amputa

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Dr. Blacker thought that there were considerable diffi

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green or yellow precipitate indicates more or less complete re

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