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mercury solutions so he adopted the compound tincture of

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Haldane and Lieutenant Le Mesurier during their escape

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which Quakerism may involve grievous torture I should be

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help. For persons travelling merely for health or recrea

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basiron ac wash flashback

causa disponens. The pathogenesis was less obscure than the

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have no part there is nothing to prevent the experiment

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part. That being so Mr. Adams acted rightly in writing

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versity of Edinburgh on Saturday April th the honorary degree ol

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swept across the camping ground in sheets. Fortunately

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been made prohibiting the importation of animals from

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accordingly made application to Professor A. E. Wright of the

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nice outcome of this is the random and unlimited defluition of mid

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liver pancreas or it may be united to the peritoneum

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cystica in carcinoma of the bladder. There is no recognition

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Roberts left Modder River to March th when he entered

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operation was advisable. It was not advisable in cases in

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show you the patients and demonstrate their symptoms. The

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the experience thus gained there can be no doubt that old

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outside these gardens on Crown land under the jurisdiction

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will come up before thr Council for discussion and it will no

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this University and the University of Glasgow. He has prosecuted im

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that position. He came under observation at the Oldham Infirmary ou

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on the whole a very useful review of the clinical features

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responsibility with the entirely inadequate remuneration and resi

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spector s report. Especially as that same statement is repeated by him

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formed with a penknife and hairpins. Drs. Mitchell and

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ment of nerves. Consolidation of the fractures was slow but

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patients would avoid the anxious period of suspense and the

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SURREY COUNTY ASYLUM Brook wood. Third Assistant Medical Officer under

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