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Howard Tooth and Aldren Turner. In this instructive ex
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Sidon Tripoli Syria and Cyprus arrived at the islands of
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epilepsies. The owder or ashes of it applied to any flux of
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may have in getting rid of the riding fragment in the
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pital. Reception to Principal Dale at the Medical Institution.
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part has healed the mucous surfaces are separated and the
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the brilliant disciples aforesaid and feeling has run so high
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appears. The incubation period is rarely if ever longer than eighteen
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gall stones in the cystic duct but I have here a collection of
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supposition that a subserous emphysematous bulla had burst
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so long as persons not medically educated are not to be recognised as
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FUiaria sanguinis homiuis and some Parasitic Diseases of Warm Climates
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an entire change of procedure. Mr. Chamberlain had told
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British Medical Association has filled the oflice of President
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P. writes In the British Medical Journal for March th I notice on
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ing letters from former students of Livingstone College now
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he wrote gibberish to dictation. Letters he knew and numbers he could

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