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this chair attached to the services rendered to the Council by
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domestic fowl lapwing magpie etc. Dr. Spencer Cobbold
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their power largely to influence the Council of the Branch.
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Dear Sir We leam from a circular dated Queen Anne Street
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To school medical oflicers are frequently afforded very favour
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of vivisection but he protested against a professional journal
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a splintered fracture of the lower part of the shaft of the tibia.
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ments of the knee would sooner yield for as I have already
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getting the disputed points thrown into arbitration. If the
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delay. Much to my regret am unable to make any public
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Berkart Schmoll Kolisch and others and concluded that they
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minister oaths to summon witnesses and to inflict any
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bone so often caused by the Mauser bullet even when it does
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regarded by it as granting those degrees after a satisfactory
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Apparently under instruction as well as when qualified for the rating.
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have already gone to Bloemfontein and the whole hospital ia
would be quite voluntary. The object of the movement is to
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also that the medical students who joined should be
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lowing but this has apparently improved during the last two
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would expect stones to become embedded where the pelves
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posed. Owing to displacement of the lower punctum there is
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that they have given is not the proper one namely that
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for lumbago or some spinal mi itchief but when a calculus is
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the shallow donga no one daring to lift a head above the edge
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spores are sparsely present in the human intestine in health
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Ojring perhaps to the remote similarity in gome respects
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innominate artery itself and the vein or elf e thesubclavian ves
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local disease. A similar criticism applies to the bringing in
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matron wishes her nurses to have her lectures in permanent
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when he himself was shot and gallantlyand uuflirchingly he proceeded
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hollow of the last named a portion of the town known as

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