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Surgeon General of British Guiana. In S he was President

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nor did washing with Schleich s Marmorseife. There was

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moved an amendment that that part of the report should b amp

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becoming gradually perceptible and in a very few minutes

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Owing to several cases ot plague having occuiTed in Kaugoon on board

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dent as to the cause of wliat occurred at the recent inquest.

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tained by experiment that even the smallest dose mentioned

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and Wales. Trusting that this matter may have your favourable consi

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A reference to Experiment I of Appendix B will show that

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the affected parts of the bowels. The patient recovered.

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the number of survivors at each age out of a given number

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part at least to the action of secondary micro organisms

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The American Medical Association will hold its annual

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In private life Dr. Patteson has left many friends to mourn

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vious cases in spite of treatment and I am afraid too often

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whether they were in favour of some sort of legislation or

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rigid and retracted and an appreciable risus sardonicus. He could open

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respiratory efl orts. There has been some difficulty in swal

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results in a lecture recently delivered at the Koyal

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order that other members of the Branch might have the oppor

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sound of the heart which he thought satisfactorily explained

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Government to send an expedition to Algeria to study in

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