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ago but this is a day of literary resarrections and it seems

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local registrar on the production of this certificate elicited

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the Lord President of the Council expressing the opinion

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Confirmation of Minutes. The minutes of last meeting of the

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week of Italian warmth succeeded in banishing every symptom. He has

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city with models and sectional drawings. A large portion of

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or other foreign bodies are rarely carried into the wound and

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ment without qualifirat on. The colonel must himself

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broken in two you will observe that it began at first to snap

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leads to the mucous membrane being pushed away from the

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to be the best protection against endocarditis can be secured


invalided home to England suffered no discomfort from the

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of the Leicester Infirmary the rules relating to the election

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through the upper portion of the bullets so as to show the

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flicted on persons wlio were registered but whose names did

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During the initial congestive stage a combination of quinine

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nothing special in treatment or dietary to account for sta

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tive stage when the expectoration was profuse and deeply

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understood that our direct representatives on the General

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between the thickness of the mucous membrane of tlie small gut above

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Chairman shall rule otherwise be put forthwith should

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