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financial report that the Council was not very flush of money
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ment. The part such a mode of infection plays in spreading
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Bombav itself. Subseguentlv tlie mortality from plague did not seem to
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much wasted. The course of the bullet was obviously
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in the muscles by the contractions produced. After the
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approach parsimony and there is no evidence that the health of the
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petual immunisation that disease was such a rare exception.
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point the other way is found in the returns of the number of
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upon that recorded in recent years and was higher than in
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patient admitted on the second day of the illness. The
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May r.l publishes a third report by Professor Robert Koch
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phantom of a tiny circle just before her eyes with a black
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if a boggy somewhat cystic pelvic tumour can be felt with a
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head a little to the right side inches in breadth under this I
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Each lesion was preceded by a smarting pain followed by the appearance
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ragamuffins passed marching two abreast with brown paper cocked
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