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ology and biology of the bacillus enteritidis sporogenes and

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cordite which is made from nitro glycerine from the

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occurs the foUotving R. P. Howard s elaborate analysis shows that

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Chemical Examiner and Professor in the Lahore Medical School. In S

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the transformer induction coils of over e.cm. striking dis

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colm Maclean and a dissertation on Interstitial Pregnancy

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for giving a legal coroner medical assistance in arriving at

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the woman some relief from her desperate condition and the

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duties in garrisons is most unsatisfactory. For six months I have had

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of Surgeons of England in. In the same year he com

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commenced but it is perhaps reasonable to suppose that some

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I deliberately believe that a patient ought to be operated upon.

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The amount of sickness in the force during the long and

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picked up by the stretcher bearers. A further delay follows


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scopic characters of milk in the mammary glands of infants of either

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The last two meetings of the Toronto Medical Society were

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pected but none was found. The glands were swollen and the

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the pelvis is blocked by a group of small rough calculi and a

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tyrosin were observed in sections of the liver nor could these substances

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subject of tidal waters sea going vessels that come on to the

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Kingston Fowler delivered the customary oration taking

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urinarius were red and swollen there was a copious discharge of a thick

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Sir Mr. Stephen Coleridge has published a review of a

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ceding years persistently above it. With this exception

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would find a welcome from his brother medical men and

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iiO per annum Apphcatious to the Secretary by April ISth

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pital at Kingivilliamstown. He had pavilions erected in the

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Certificate EE was given and these words were added The

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Read application for a further grant from the Liverpool

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rich and as soon as Italians knew that they could come here

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first ease a European sickened with plague in the adjoining

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yet accrued due we are advised that he cannot recovery anything forthe

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