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institute and maintain clinical laboratories of large size for

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The clinical history of this disease is fairly familiar but

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bandage rather skilfully to the head of a patient victim.

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risk of infection varied inversely as the precautions or the

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liferation of gonococci goes on as before. Protargol

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are improving there are several in which the probabilities

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trephining. It consisted of a short round piece of steel with

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the motion for the adoption of the report as follows

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continues to decline and with one exception was lower in

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Case l. History of Rapid Profuse H ematuria witli Irritable Bladder bu

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pay surgeon captains of. years standing are entitled to while camping

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those who can afford it live largely on tinned vegetables.

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occurs during the secondary fever. Consequently if salol can

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form conclusions and their inclusion would only be mislead

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Mr. Lumley asked if there would be any chance of his name

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the patients became rapidly well. In most cases it was not

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