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be avoided altogether they were injurious both to the public
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to attack the valves of the heart and therefore any mention
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tee been thought desirable at this juncture to point out the
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will immediately publish a short book entitled The Origin
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notoriously difficult to draw any certain conclusion from the
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that the only cases requiring abdominal section were
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cational Association the President of the American Associa
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easily from its bladder connections. In this process the
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of rectal cancer considered from the point of view of the treat
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were respectively from Messrs. Graham and Sheplierd Joint Secretaries
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profit with tlie chemist or to receive commission from him is wrong.
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portance of soil in connection with contagion made it impera
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death may occur without the occurrence of any of the ordinary
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M. Bloch. Probably neither the slightness nor the severity
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should be boiled before use. We in Malta do not generally
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Anemia in Porto Rico. A circular recently issued by tha
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do with tho e experiments. There was no ground whatever
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Instead of all practitioners every registered practitioner willing to

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