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condition was so marked that the patient would often consider
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and isolated gives way and the happy time seems near at
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remedy on the suggestion of Dr. Suckling. I was further
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Thomson showed a case of unilateral nasal obstruction from
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a minimum of aliment through the obstructed vessels. This
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crumb of bone. There was no tendency to hernia cerebri.
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Mr. Rawlinson I never suggested fraud in any shape or
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all it is only one step further than taking a fee from one
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Durban in the service of tlie Natal Government and it was
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to see a woman for him who had been confined by a midwife
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received at short or long range. At the same time it is
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connection with the life history of the filaria nocturna. Discoverer of
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affairs. He has published a series of essays on Jjicompa
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Council and there was too great a tendency to the increase

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