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paid to the General Medical Council in aid of the expenses of executing

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sion they could only come to the one conclusion that from a

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his judijmentstated that it is the policy of Kentucky to

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on the treatment of appendicitis do not seem to be very sound

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A ecropsy Fracture dislocation of the eleventh and twelfth dorsal vertebra

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vite all dispensary medical officers in Dlster to attend.

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but especially the former. It was decided to overcome these


Edward Stuart and from the Duke of Atholl who has com

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lyiuum. Applicatious to the Secretary of the Glasgow University Court Wea

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other than pave the way for disease or death. February .

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position and extent of the new bone formation. There wast

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request I may for the purposes of my Review be provided

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any of his countrymen whose experience of this form of injury

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There was however a tendency possibly the criticism is

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their clinical significance. In making blood counts the red

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registration of midwives on the mistaken expectation of influencing

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Queen s College Belfast W. F. O Connor Queen s CoUege Cork

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being restored. The decision of the Council meant depriving

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nd e has categorically made the same statement or would

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ing of the International Anti alcohol Congress is to be held in

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generally be so. The case under discussion was probably

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Coleridge Honorary Secretary and Treasurer of the National

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