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pared to receive applications for two of the three Research

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chamber which becomes partially obliterated by them. Less

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of which was adjourned from last session will come beiore

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munication had been received from the Queensland Medical

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radiating fibres. The latter are tenser than when the mem

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TEIGNMOUTH HOSPITAL. House Surgeon. Salary per annum with board

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Street. Princess Henry of Battenberg paid a special visit

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however rare too rare I think to be a sequel of the majority

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to three hours after taking food. On November th he felt

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these circumstances some degree of ulceration often takes

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may at no distant date be covered by the revenue from

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deformity after all but at the same time a hand so injured

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avoiding such disagreeable drawbacks. By carefully mode

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for the work. Each one has been assigned to one or more

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method is in itself illegitimate but that when confined to

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not separate the amount of callus thrown out was very great.

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The swelling was therefore due to a passive distension of the

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roots. On tlie present occasion as on the last I have to

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printed above that is in the Bbitish Medical Journal of October th

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respondent of the Times relate chiefly to the organisation

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Local Authority. Municipal Buildings Paisley by April th.

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your professional competence. The suggestion is that you

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perial Institute buildings to be transferred to the University.

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provided. Applications to tbe Secretary to the Facultv by May th.

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same way all foods which tax especially the physiological

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frequent occurrence of rat epizootics in the neighbourhood of

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view in which Professor Stimsoa concurs have been left

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times even without giving rise to symptoms of any moment.

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years Mayor of Queenstown and he is an accomplished and

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and subtly intellectual expression or rather blend of

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expenses said after a moment s hesitation I know nothing

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marvellous. Xoxious smells are absent and our entrance

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KING S COLLEGE London. Professorship of Materia Medica and Pharmacology.

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