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the ability with which the addition of simple numbers was
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BIRMINGHAM QVEENS HOSPITAL. Assistant Ophthalmic Sui geon. Honorarium
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secure the rising generation of physicians and surgeons would
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sgain acd endeavour to fight the Privy Council He pro
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limited or circumscribed in time or space or based on small
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Braine replied. This meeting was followed by the eighth
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most antivivisectionists go further than this and either say
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this disease is reaUy more prevalent in Edinburgh especially in the
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the powers already possessed by any medical authority of depriving a
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book where he would find the horrible torture of dogs by slow
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pleted. The necessity for sanatoria for the poorer classes
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the joints appeared to be flail like for some weeks after the
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impracticable. Anything therefore which would render
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placed. The Vice Chancellor Sir William Muir congratu
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The ovary which was practically healthy was separated
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has apparently yet been published during the recent preva
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the breast and not with cancer or abscess. He thought that
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our future medical organisation must meet and anticipate
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under Article S of the Pay Warrant to retired medical officers tempo
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sumption went to Paris to consult some of the medical
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form of pronouncement against this growing pra tvce on the part of
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admitted he was required to fill in a paper giving details as
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the coagulability of which varied with the amount of lime
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Sir Hugh Beevor representing the Society of Apothecaries
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hand and leg an excellent testimonial to the enormous penetrative power
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In his retirement Professor Ellis gave much attention to
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below which they would not allow a person to register as a
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was now too late but none the less he brought that resolution
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serving with the Burmah China Boundary Commission was
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school they have for years taken part in its management and
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keep its degrees open to all students. Although the Univeisity had in its
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which I can offer is that possibly the operation was

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