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has as promptly replied that it has no authority to

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either that the spinal roots were affected simultaneously with

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of the Privy Council and Sir Robert Findlay the Solicitor General to re.

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removed from the pharynx of a child aged yearr who had

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ness in the left upper extremity and left side and had lost

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be misleading. In place of the irritation of the impacted

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process of filling up the hospital train from the level of

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the bounds of probability that such an event might not occur.

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chloroform and ether with better results than with chloroform

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was closed not long ago on account of riotous behaviour on the

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nerves in the walls of the sinuses as had recently been sug

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Societies of New South Wales. Has superintended and conducted to a

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C E. Williams Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Kingston

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discharge all his public duties at Guy s Hospita and elsewhere

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pollution of otherwise potablewaters. Starting from the proposi

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found in one or two abdominal sections I made that I did

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are young simply because most puerperal women are young. I

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ferred what are called the Leeds clauses which give less

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subject of the Chemical Properties of. ntitoxic Serum. The Superin

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cine Newcastle upou Tyne J. A. Giles College of Medicine New

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Phthisis in British Guiana in view of its immense import

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treatment of the science. Special reference may be made to the Report

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celona drew up a code of regulations for the repression of

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and with the assistance of a number of charitable persons

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