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not or should not administer their hospitals. If they mean

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nota new drug in the treatment of various pyrexial affections but I do

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tapered slightly at the lower end so as to receive the conical

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rejections of the unfit depends upon the standard set up.

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officers whom they met were well educated and polished

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showed a case of malignant disease of the pharynx and

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New Mecklenburg. The people engaged from there arrived at

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as to be a negligible quantity. In places like Nottingham where per

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which the writer dealt with his subject in these articles will

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arthritis in the same patient a married woman aged.

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Case I. A small gall bladder with rigid fibrous walls densely packed

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Ehrlich had pointed out it was merely a question of chemical

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power with the consent of rural district councils to alter the

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later on I attribute many cases of glycosuria to alcoholism

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Oldham and one at Carlisle. It seems to be an extraordinary

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liver was greatly enlarged the edge reaching to within inches of

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nric acid deposits were found in and around the peri

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sylvania University of Wisconsin Catholic University of

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efficiency through venereal diseases shows a small decrease.

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held one devoted to therapeutics the other to Roentgen

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The first paragraph in Mr. Coleridge s reply is to be regretted

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M T WhHehouse iason University College Birmingham A. M.

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discharge for days before and in that condition they were not

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If any member can suggest any possible treatment so as

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deaths were registered in eight of the principal Scotch towns. Tlie

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Capetown dated April i th that there are five cases of

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that tliey must be regarded as evidences of regeneration.

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the causation still remains obscure. The general description

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therial stomatitis has always lieen associated with deposits

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published a monograph on this terrible accident which will

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of Medical Officers of Health have been collecting valu

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five or six weeks by rubbing in the powder every night after

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who was known as a fearless investigator of truth and the

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same diminution of muscular energy is found in the lower

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