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upon it of taking the necessary measures to check the
the guardians shall pay to the medical practitioner em
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The Committee on Medical Aid Associations will report on
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Council and of the amended Clause i by which the Lord President
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sufficient in law and the company escaped the penalties to
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the various principal medical officers of district there
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tically no appeal. It is however unnecessary to labour
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M. Laveran on April rd before the Acad mie de MMecine
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planation of this is that the calf muscles are drawing the
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There is great difficulty however in finding proof of such an
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ZVeciallyaboSt the umbilicus and the abdomen was rigid but he w
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honours notably in regard to the Victoria Cross. Sir
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though I distinctly asked him for any evidence of the exist
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result a diminution in their sound conducting power.
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the leg were all paralysed and sensation was lost in the foot
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was in effect an amendment of the foregoing resolution as
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gelatine mixture has been applied bandage the leg from the toes to the
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success with which the work on the field and in the hospitals
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onset. There is still difierence of opinion as to the effect of a

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