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of hearing. In Berlin the schools are not yet under

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the Berkefeld and similar filters were of very little use.

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College of Physicians of London in and a Fellow in

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a subsidy it docs not appear that they will stand in as good

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international league against the scourge. The Committee

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does decidedly fall upon the teachers of considering most

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sthetic. The particular certificate to which allusion is made seems to be

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of well marked hepatic ascites which has done well early and

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pox have frequently been associated in this indefinite way

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When however the probe is applied to the handle of the

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exceptional features they are clinically different.

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Halifax April loth. Public Vaccinator for the Borough of Halifax.

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thing for them. They were left behind with great advantage

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the rats are attacked first and then the larger animals suc

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April nd he read a paper stating that his search had been

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the averages in the corresponding quarters of the ten preceding

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struck a smooth round cylinder of brass like the Lee Mettord

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to wounded on the Russian side during the assault of Plevna

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said they are up but who could see them at a thousand

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Whether however a single rat or troops of rats could carry

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doubtful whether they would have succumbed had the weather

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those of persons who came from various parts of the country

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reference to poisoned bullets and I have here an ordinary clip

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Daring the year that I was stationed at Colchester I had

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forehead persisting in these simple duties with a quiet

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months ending March last included. which were referred to

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over and healed without any trouble. The experience of such

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fection of the asepticity preserved either in the operating

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new clause namely. Clause made the Lord President of

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panied by aphasia and agraphia. The patient is still in No.

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