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readiness with which thoy yield to the administration of iodide of potas

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TUc Mnrchison Scholarship of guineas was awarded to Mr. T. C

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vaguely of soreness about the penis which he had first noticed

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the Registrar General being so accurate as they ought to be.

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bone transversely. The line drawn between the apertures of

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cess of construction for the Institute in another part of the building and

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the disposal of the naval and mercantile services as well as

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mitted himself to be experimented on and he was kept

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the Education Committee of the General Medical Council.

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improvement in the nutrition of the intestinal mucous mem

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is entitled to his professional services under the club contract.

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the state of education in Scot aid was concerned this Council

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mixed with honey it cures inflamed wounds and the quinsy.

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that tOTn. Several other members took part in the discussiott.

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received a splendid reward for his gift to suffering humanity.

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Surgeon to the Manchester Royal Infirmary Leoturer on Operative

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an effort to arrange that the Sutton school children shall

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derance of abnormal fermentive processes was characteristic

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tion is pmne to run riot on very slight evidence and

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a method of reasoning which cannot be leaned on very heavily.

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in reply expressed his own thanks and those of the Princess

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the Medical Act SS as to reciprocity. It has however

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lobe of the ear on the left side. Tne exit wound was about

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ing in a hollowed block of glass and crushed from above with

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in saturating the blood to a measured degree with carbon

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relief but increased the difficulties of the diagnosis. Some

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authorities liave realised to the full one of the utmost value

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have shown that the coronary blood flow may be momentarily

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not in what circumstances the streptococcus when introduced

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second place they propose now to deal with the question by reviving the

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