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Case v. A girl aged was recently in Ancoats Hospital with typical

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without which university work must be crippled. This

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Committee will still remain in existence in case further

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Dr. McVail could not see why an applicant for registration

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gout or if there was a history of gout. The dyspeptic

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and whether it was accompanied by pain or headache by rhinoscopy

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ject of a further report by the Education Committee which

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for service as Surgeon to the late Sir W. Lockhart Commander in Chief

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venient to have an outside medical man on the Committee

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could not have caused a more complete severance of nerve

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they have been tried and found wanting. These athletic

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when it comes in the path of duty as to ignore the other.

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the commencement of his illness having as he told me taken sometimes

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distended horn at first evidently intra peritoneally giving

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called the attention ot Mr. Muir Mackenzie to the fact that H

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that it consisted of two substances one a tetano spastin

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was removed by operation from a male child but recurrence

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hydrops or dropsy of the gall bladder. Such obstruction

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trouble may become a reality. So far only one or two cases of

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crania of the now extinct Tasmanian aborigines aboriginal

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tion which he may present. You repeat the process with

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made to Miss May Anderson the Sister in charge of the

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Colonel Ward hJs written meTpo the LuWn. i G Wh te

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morphological forms were obtained Tims inoculation was successively

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Mr. George Eastes be appointed a Subcommittee to draw up

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became a pupil in the Catholic University School of Medicine

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tion. He thought the profession was adequately represented

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greatly obliged if any of the subscribers to the Jouknai would

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persistent pupillary membrane and also to the high degree

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