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The first ease was that of a man who accidentally shot him
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Arguments based on the scantiness of population in a
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value of sewage. He mentions in passing that the gases
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number of cases of enteric fever which have developed since
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Government Board. By this appointment the relation between
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as Lord Lister s Anodyne to Public Conscience. I brought
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over there was a general consensus of opinion that the toxins
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We have no knowledge of the poetical effusions of either of
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of preliminary examinations be received and entered on the
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the Berkefeld and similar filters were of very little use.
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obliged to yield to the Outcries of the People who become almost raving
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obtain an absolute linear adaptation of the shin bone that
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noting Quincke s method of estimating the ha moglobin the
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position which he novf wcunfed at n. referred to the responsible
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Percy Kidd M.D. The gentlemen whose names are marked
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Poplar Grove four days journey over the veld with no roads
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practised. He admitted however that the difficulty in con
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Confirmation o AfwMfes. The minutes of the previous meet
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Dr. David Ross read a paper on some points in the thera
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Dr. Walter S. Barnes directs attention to the subject of
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was no provision thfit there should be a strong medical voice
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expressions which distinguishes the fine face of the Lord
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he had gained lbs. in weight and the sugar had completely
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be obtained but judging by the symptoms noted in each case
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I described this speech in my article in the National Revieic
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Whyte Dr. Kenny was elected City Coroner a position which
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The other epidemic ailments have have also declined in their virulence

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