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and arrest of the blood flow through the brain. That this
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tion of the amended Bill by departments of the Government a
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formed a tumour about the size of a nut on the surface of
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Dr. Kolle who had just returned from South Africa where he
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even then your towels are no good. It cannot be done in
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explosion is seen from the dust it raises and the bits of stone
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sexes. The great diminution in the death rate which
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ably conclude that she was on a footing with an ordinary
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necessarily to be grouped and the consequent risk of its
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In conclusion we congratulate the Society of Medical
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your good faith or your professional competence. What right
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might make a recommendation on the question of who the
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societies but may be modilied by special contracts.
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warmer climate in which to practise his profession. Aftervisit
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spoken as to the terms on which they are serving whether the time
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to the oflSce and produced his diploma he was entitled to be
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Then ensued a long dull useless discussion which might
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present. But however important these theoretical con
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calculus producing an inhibition of the impaired kidney on
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subastragaloid amputation than in Syme s method while the
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beri beri were sent to the neighbouring Portuguese colony of
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Children bathe with the women who in addition to the
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adopted tlie resolution he complains of base their suggestion of his re
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Now in the leg we have to deal with two bones intimately
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the fact or too careless to ascertain them which also
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Tlie Penal Clauses Committee had taken into consideration
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shrouded in mystery the practice under this Act in the in
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been asked to give a gratifying increase in assistance in
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and hence the greater liability of its being fractured than any
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The Association will hold an annual conference at such time

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