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the means of an infinite relief of suffering if our
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bilities both Italian and foreign. His Excellency Professor
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of medical men who having returned from the tropics aie
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Grey who was preceded by Lord Peel and the late Lord
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Committee dissented from its report and divided the
usage of haloperidol for delirium in cancer patients
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due knowledge of the subject. This is emphatically the case
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on the teeth are sufficient to decide in which category the case
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to alcoholism were published in the municipal statistics and
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tions with regard to the admission of amateur nurses to
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as mentioned below suffering from tuberculous disease of the
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British Mediea. Association in the memorandum presented
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Dr. Helite observed that removal would have to be carried
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owing to emaciation and probably separation of recti. She recovered
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Licences and Diplomas. At a stated business meeting of the President
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tinguishes obstructive anuria from suppression of urine due to
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Their expedition will not be protracted and they will then
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acceptance and the public authorities in many places acted
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dispensaries. Could they be told that there was that
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been found more particularly in the monkey and bat. It
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condition the case was diagnosed as one of enlarged and inilamed appen
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a very critical condition and from the position and extent of
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recently founded for the following objects The study of the
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to the report of the Inspector prefixed to the return that
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cannot therefore be looked upon as excluding diphtheria.
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We have received from the House and Visiting Committee
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carry up and downstairs. With the exception of some
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made special efforts to induce local agriculturalists to provide
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the end of March last against and at the end of the
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Now some people may be ready to exclaim that in the negro
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residence and perhaps wisely says the appointment will be

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