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the case with croupous pneumonia in man and various types

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work is divided into six books treating of simple vegetable

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means of judging of the absorption was by testing the blood.

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officer was one with themselves and one with the whole

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bone or were possibly ricochet shots. Nor have express

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sions as had been read should not come from the representa

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burgh City Hospital read a paper on this subject. In the

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of importance to others for instance to medical men and

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reduction is more than made up afterwards during a suffi

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tion and it is likely to cause confusion in her mind between

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total inhibition of the excretion. Sir William Roberts states


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metically sealed tins. They possess some of the qualities

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mon causes of total obstruction to the escape of urine. When

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what it should be altogether correct Mr. Joyce submitted

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the loop of the jejunum attachM.. prevent this accident

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was liberally supplied which Bomstein only considered neces

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tympanitic respiration diaphragmatic inspiration being short expira

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BCBiNQ the week ending Saturday last. May th births and

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and then violating the terms of the permit by administering an ane

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Colonel Wood at the latter institution who adopted it at the

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chest wall and there are dilated veins on the abdomen and chest.

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ment business however led to more discussion than was ex

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able that the central axis cylinders grow into peripheral

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public danger than it would beabreachof public faith with a great body of

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diphtheria from fever principally enteric from diarrhoea.

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The patient was catheterised regularly and his condition remained

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stir gently. Now as the tube cools note the precise temperature at

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widely followed by other ecclesiastical authorities.

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where there is ample accommodation in fact it is cmptyi. This C luest

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The President replied that Mr. Farrer was acting until the

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