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adults generally of both sexes. The importance of these

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affected cells taking care not to transgress the anatomical

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the Jewish physician of our Lord the King of Arragon. All

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tended communications should be sent at once to J. W. Batterham

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marked the risus being not so pronounced. Ptosis and diplopia had

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entrance into the respiratory passages are deposited on the

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drawn down by catgut sutures and placed against the

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published in entitled A Most Desperate Booke written

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years mainly owing as was the case in S to the greater

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the other equipment tents etc. had also to be reduced and

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will entitle the holder to a free allowance of lbs. of lug

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The charge for inserting annoimcemoiU oj Eirihs Marriages and Deaths is

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Under very heavy fire he carried out a lot of poor fellows

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of his own former statements and whom he now describes

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interesting case When we had been eighteen months from home some

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uric acid creatin and creatinin are normally present in the

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familiar to most people at the present time although the

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the behaviour of wounds will improve. Indeed I think it is

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that time the weakness in the extremities has progressively

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asked to rise from the sitting posture he does so slowly and

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weeks time either quite well or nearly so. Under phosphorus

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clude under the heading Permitting Experiments on Cats or

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should also be officially notified. There are difficulties in in

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Buchanan made the sections of the tumour whicli were shown.

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taneously in the subcutaneous tissue under the wings of the fowls.

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enteric have been admitted from the camp and they were

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We humbly desire also to convey to your Majesty tlie expression ot our

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round with the windows open and the dust if there was any

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due to adhesion to gall bladder etc. pressure due to

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medical profession bestowing greater attention on diseases

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