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OUIGIXAL ARTICLES and LETTERS forwa ded for publication are understood to be
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month before the plague appeared in human beings. In a
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the very greatest value in their localisation it has occasion
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Practically the Bill was being carried through by the Govern
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later on I attribute many cases of glycosuria to alcoholism
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tender. Even in those who had been bitten by one or
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up and appeared normal. Nothing of the septum could now be felt.
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fibroids he thought it not unlikely that unsuspected cardiac
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especially in East and West Africa among the native
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and starving the latter. We would utter a warning against
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cate C for teaching purposes the animals must be kept under
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similar case only with this difference that in isolated cases
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without anwsthetics on the express ground that the experi
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Three very remarkable eases were all in the Mooi River Hos
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and be represented by counsel. Judgment was accordingly
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years for diseases of gall bladder and bile ducts. But as
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this was a Draconian punishment which the Board would
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Defendants had done nothing to withdraw and plaintiff
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