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On January ist one week after beginning treatment I stopped both

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men and a draft of Royal Engineers making more than

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intense pain in the epigastric region and all over the abdomen.

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The patient is a young workman. As he enters the consult

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cells are greatly degenerated. Divergence of result is ad

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with the many and arduous duties which devolve upon the

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to Cape Colony severe restrictions have in spiteof Bond oppo

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The above case presents several points of interest to which

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Witness continuing said that when he wrote to the Editor

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Jlr. JuLER showedVcase of proptosis with ophthalmoplegia

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work he had to supervise a hospital of quite the dimensions

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dynamometer registers on the right and on the left side.

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Commi teeoftheCouncU f the British Medical Association Z hesubj

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free from risk and when unattended by the unnecessary

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fession and the medical aathoritiee as well ae tfae State. I main

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was rapidly going from bad to worse I decided to operate without delay.

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and men entertain towards dry antiseptic dressings is very

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and the General Medical Council might not be in agreement the adop

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however impossible to prevent the men drinking the river

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to the courtesy of Dr. George M. Gould editor of the Phila

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sufficiency of animal food. He should avoid luinecessary exertion as

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