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At that time the clever young qualified practitioner was not
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In the state of complete prolapse the relationship of the
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passed. He asked the Registrar if he simply received the
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lant administered in this case. For nearly two months the
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Usually from forty eiyht to seventy two hours have elapsed
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tion of the patient and secondly the rapidity with which
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it appears to be proved that the staphylococcus can set up a
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What has become of that germicide spray Its sad fate may
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spiral would for anatomical reasons give an equally rotary
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style. I certainly decline to follow him by tediously collect
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annum. Applications to the Secrelaiv of the Faculty
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be syphilitic potassium iodide should be given. I would
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even have a partial abortive effect when given after matura
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itself. The cut edge of the anterior vaginal wall was then
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prosperity. Then the Member for the University delivered

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