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hypertrophy and dilatation of the heart were probably due to
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That this meeting approves of the registration of midwives but dis
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Another question raised by Mr. Willett was Does shock ever
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have thus placed them in the position of sixth year stu
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which were most important One was that women should be
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mittee on the Medico legal Relations of the A rays.
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of the very rarest occurrence. Nothing can be more grati
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received from Birmingham which was now being circulated
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author contended that in most cases nothing short of removal
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his Royal Highness at Brussels. The Chancellor then congratulated the
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recorded. What is the appearance of the malaria parasites in
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ticular case in hand the increased tension of the circular
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the logic and righteousness of physiological experiment
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ground or land left for recreation purposes and the Charity
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taken mitigates but does not neutralise the ill effects a large
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by coroners but it cannot be said that very much light has
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