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tion to which Lord Roberts naturally could not accede. Lord

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express the hope that the attention which has been called

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couples taken apparently at random a correlation he

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The evacuation of the field hospitals is unfortunately be

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Dear Toogood. After I have waded through the Andersonian effusion

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Another theory that has been held in reference to the

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correctly assess the value of the threat their letter holds out.

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bullets. The extent of injury to the viscera from which a

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found his way to Jamaica where he practised as a surgeon and

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R.W. It is with our present knowledge wise to recrard rubella German

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similar lines fully believing that su h a psult will be of the

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the people was being set atnaught by the present militarism

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tension that might be throws on the primary sutures. The

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and subtly intellectual expression or rather blend of

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constantly sick or the duration of cases. The increases

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of treatment could be studied with any definite result. The

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alfthfd J. hl yj r y questionabll wTietherthese figures represent

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cillor humorously suggested that if they wanted a medical officer who

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that the writers most likely mean the indefinite disease called

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of millions of people m the East End of London is a

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tions of the triceps be detected the elbow joint presents no

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flail like and much wasted. Of the intrinsic muscles of the

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the manner in which changes of atmospheric pressure cause

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are still too ignorant of the significance of trophic

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more letters of the series have appeared. The second

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these cases each one will have to be dealt with on its own

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