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Most of the amputations of the leg that I saw were in the
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about to be underlaken by the University will probably enable the medical
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The German Plague Commission observed that horses showed
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congratulated the Volunteer Medical Association on the
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ever may be done in Germany or in France no painful ex
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cular and cannot therefore interfere with the nutrition of
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arbitration should be of any use there must be no reservation
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our comforts of the drawing room but our fighting line has
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well for eighteen months then went to London and wrote to
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tionate increase iu the number of notitied cases with startling regu
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ing ground for the large number of superfluous prac
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A moderate uniform enlargement of both lobes had existed
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and washiue provid d in hjth cases. Applications to the Secretary.
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but that the condition should have been only found out by
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on the duties of students and the functions of a university.
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be clearly kept in view in all schemes for the perfecting of
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atterwards. The bullet had entered about tliree iuches to the right of the
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fi ee from albumen There was some oedema of the ankles.
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The Tuberculosis ConErress held at Naples which opened on

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