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Royal Veterinary College and formerly President of the Royal

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explain the latent injury of the bladder the sudden rupture

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Mitchell Bruce Dr. Dobbs of Folkestone and Dr. Mackenzie

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rate almost all those which I have seen two or three days

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decay influenza iS general tuberculosis tetanus haemo

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from a Committee consisting of certain medical societies in

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recovered its normal shape and abortion ensued two months

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the bladder which should be well distended with the fluid and partly

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Drs. Greenwood and Whittaker thought it was quite un

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pain but his general condition was fair. On April ist there was stiUmueh

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State. That the law can be and is enforced is illustrated

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proposal. The Council were advised by Mr. Muir Blaekenzie

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army spent mostly in Algeria he resigned his commission

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These close concentrically and support the tube at the same time cutting

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