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Council full information of what the bodies do under these

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fuse general sweats which occur in bouts and necessitate

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lege of Physicians as to the contagiousness of phthisis. The

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A nisrovERY was recently made at Stankeny in the island

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aad two gaHon wooden barrels raised on stands and provided with

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Chief Physician to the St. Anne Asylum Paris aged and

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city in drains cisters puddles etc. The method adopted

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preparatory school of medicine. It is now simply a school

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of this District will be held at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital on

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gravity of the disease arises from alcoholism which is

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Free State Secretary Mr. Fischer with whom he had several

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must be enforced everywhere. Colonel Large is fully alive to

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described his case of interscapulo thoracic amputation for

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cident had occurred. Fortunately in the majority of ca es

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following charges formulated by the Council s solicitor

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Durham Medical Union be referred to the Parliamentary Bills

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arising probaljly in connection with the neurenteric canal.

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or meningitis were simulated and the persistency with which

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into three cords above this level we have all the branches

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