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longed. Cases of diphtheria had communicated scarlatina to
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that diuresis becomes impossible. It has been found that
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and in the good air and the abundance of good air there
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will be charged for table floor and wall space as follows In
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were totally unacquainted with this pest and could give no
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shortening but I must admit that the use of the tape in
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the amount of urine passed being normal the blood being
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Roentgen rays those produced on the skin were first observed
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were being carried out contracted plague in its pneumonic
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hepatic cells in the yellow area there were seen a few large
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Now in the case of J. S. the spinal deformity showed that
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our arrival here the patients being partly sick from the
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who falsely assume medical registrable titles. Tlie nd Section of tlie
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stained fluid were evacuated and many smaller cysts were broken up with
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to indicate prima facie that the operation sacrificed at
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which institute publicly advertises systems of medical treatment and
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polyuria or thirst and he considered himself in good health
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of Mauser bulh ts which I picked up at Colenso. The bullet
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Rev. Lewis Price. Numerous speeches were delivered during
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contents of the gut above the artificial anus passed out
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mens of weeping willow which dipping their branches into
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the death of the child. It has been maintained that on the
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enemy s fire. The hospitals were therefore ordered to recross
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honour in all dealings with his professional brethren has
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are more easily grasped if expressed in shorter percentages.
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to depute these duties to any uncertified woman who might
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colic are not infrequent. According to Hogben constipation
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disturbed his nightly rest for the previous month. Encour
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subject in the British Medical Journal of April th. My
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method which had already been resorted to since the draft
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ciative terms his special services to the borough during his
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