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mined not in any way to recognise it and that I think ought

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always troublesome frequently pernicious of mosquitos.

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mental production of malignant growths by cultures of

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the movements for artificial i espiratiou. Wlien the artificial respiration

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By comparing the treatment laid down in the textbooks

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unique event in the medical history of the Island of

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his well organised and efficient department in the Philippines has been

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the opinion of the meeting as to the desirability of transacting business

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of the cellular tissue. Even in cellulitis not of the most severe

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Amongst other matters brought into prominence by the

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depend entirely on the social position of the patient and the labour

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tion in recognising that honour had thereby been conferred

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found the ganglion and its branches quite intact. He thought

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stitution such as existed in diabetic or alcoholic subjects. In

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that It was a pregnant nterus as other signs and symptoms of

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This method is only occasionally available because in the

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