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but a small length of the gut. It is impossible to predict the

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natural clothing so that future injections were made over the

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an extremely violent inflammation set in subsequently on a

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Dear Sir It is with the concurrence of every medical practitioner in

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simple tapping from heart failure. Three somewhat similar

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in the blood. The estimation of lime salts in the blood

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being suppected. In each case the pregnancy had probably

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as the wound being transverse the degeneration of the nerve

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tickets can be extended to twenty five days if desired and

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head and say Yon are a thief and you have robbed me of

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wounded Spaniards across the American line. The Spanish

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its principles be applied as a preventive of disease It

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in like manner the green colour of the perspiration may

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Insecta. A considerable mass of valuable observations upon

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seilles. The history of the case as elicited by Dr. Bul

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Grand Duke of Tuscany sought counsel from the Florence Col

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Medicine Newcastle uon Tyne R. R. Pirrle College of Medicine

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to be a case of arsenical poisoning she was admitted into the

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of abnormal labour or of disease of or danger to the mother or

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mena as for example the variations in the size of the pupil

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The control hanging drops and capillary tubes showed no traces of

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and where the next meeting shall be held and to nominate a member

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Dr. Habershon thought a skiagraph might be of use and

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the Crimean war it was the necessity for air space and light

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ventilated and have close boarded floors which are painted

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tingency in the speaker s experience. Intranasal drainage

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Peace for the Central Bailswiek and ex Mayor of South Mel

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Haematozoa closely allied to the h matozoon of malaria have

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of two decentred convex lenses inclined horizontally to each

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The medical profession and the suffering public of Inverness

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More recently Beco described a diphtheroid stomatitis.

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Province during the week ending March th Bangalore city cases and

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ing into the cause of a diseased heart especially of mitral

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ance was the existence of certificates of registration. Tlie

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