Pethidine In Labor

Small pox One fatal case of smaU pox was registered in London last

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cate them w itli their names of course not necessarily for publication.

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been read. It was not correct to call the tone of that letter

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collected by Morris this is shown to be the case. He states

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moved from the malleus the sound at once became faint

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about Colonel Sloggett the Commandant Every detail con

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Bennett on March th with swelling on the back of the neck

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embarrassment to the military and especially to the

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defence and support it with the force of law compelling local

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a place in the Bbitish Medica.. Joubnai When qualified and duly

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seemed in some respects to resemble hsemorrhagic pem

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he was aware of the difficulty of drafting a satisfactory defini

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O. X wishes to be recommended an institution where he can have a

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Before there has been time for eoagulable lymph to be

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A man had been shot through the abdomen. The immediately grave

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malignancy rendered it worth while to incur the increased

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vised hospital trains on the Natal Government Railway

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from their corps. The care of kits must therefore be pro

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the Epidemiological Society of London and a corresponding

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future react most injuriously upon the profession in this

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of the difficulties he was in with regard to obtaining a qualified

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an angel not we hope of death but rather one bringing

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UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Loudon. Professorshipof MedicalJurisprudence. Sur

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found a description of a new species of micrococcus the M.

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Von ZiEMSSEN once ventured to prophesy that a specific

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in its bubonic or septicremic form. The discovery of marked

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week of Italian warmth succeeded in banishing every symptom. He has

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activity of the gland is maintained with sudden and occa

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is exactly that described by Professor Bennett. It is oblique

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