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attention of our readers to No. where with undimmed

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from this nothing abnormal can be detected except a few small scattered

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Council accepted the alterations in the procedure for registra

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examining and licensing of barbers and the inspection of

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have earned such high praise in South Africa were mobilised

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general propositions of that paper I heartily assented namely

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logical and clinical researches on ovarian tumours. This

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temporary rank of Captain which was notified in the GazeMe of February

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purpose whicli it was more immediately intended to serve

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venting bleeding. On drawing out the nerve the haemorrhage

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very trying as for instance after the Spion Kop action

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one of the best proofs of the liberality of his mind Not to

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discussing the ethics of experiments on animals it is inter

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during the year while the examination of material from

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Samuel Hahnemann the founder of homojopathy has passed

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dogs with anaesthetics of sufficient power to prevent the

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overcrowding for employers of labour have hitherto been

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ureter and so escaped observation. Now the rule is to explore

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warmth friction or movement she is utterly apathetic and

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If there were no metastases in the other abdominal organs

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Medical Department perform their duties meritoriously in no previous

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scientific and at least as great practical opportunities as can

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