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the extent to which they are responsible for the diffusion of
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instruments which he has devised for the treatment of antral
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by steady traction on them for a minute or so overcame the
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lowed and lasted for seven weeks. Travelling from Loudon to Leeds
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leaving certificate as equivalent to any senicr certificate in any
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in the chair. As preparatory to the dinner there will be a
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frequently caused a severe form of malarial fever. Anopheles
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plague in Oporto and an appendix bringing the subject of
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plexus law cheapside 2
forms of application for membership can be obtained from the
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birth rates were in the mining or manufacturing counties of
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Extra Dispensary Physician Glasgow Royal Infirmary formerly Assistant
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he inflicted than in the discoveries he claimed to make. It
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and it has been further held that the longer the incubation
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profession if this measure passed. The profession were always
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salaries now granted by the Westbourne Board of Guardians the pay can
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plague. Nuttall has found the tortoise immune while
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Mauser bullets commonly make a clean hole or slit through
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forming one large quiescent cavity. There was no aortic regurgitation
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oat and these grim enemies of the surgeon will once again
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year of operations for cancer of the rectum by difi erent
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and kept laughing and joking all the time I was operating
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the Crimean war it was the necessity for air space and light
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and dressings The S L Is occupied as o the end nearest the
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bution of the nerve and the motor function although im
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plague up to the date of publication. We have no hesitation
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charge made against him and the unfortunate determination
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At a meeting of the Societa Medico Fisiea Universitaria

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