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nutrition such as those which follow the injection of snake venom.

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fluid withdrawn less and after the sixth operation returned no more.

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retain anything till evening. Next morning she was in her

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but the fact that all the injuries occurred at the same time

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of such research. Applications for sums to be granted at the

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William G. Galletly M.B th Volunteer Battalion the Norfolk Regi

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in Nottingham eight years ago opinion upon the subject

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Medica and Profe sor i in the University of Edinburgh of Medical

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dermoids and on the books and articles dealing with ovarian

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fought not a conspicuous example of the alleged superiority

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Fletcher on May nd at I.M. The correspondence class will commence

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Addenbrooke s Hospital. Under the new agreement with the Uni

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was whether the report of the inspector was a good one or not.

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