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Dr. Tinker Hyde consented to move the resolution as an

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If the Chairman of the Physiologists Anti Quakerism Associa

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their own doctors at fixed salaries. Such associations should

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rheumatism and this in its turn may favour the occurrence

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Below liroxbourne tliere is a farm on which the sewage of tliat place

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the photograph. The bullet was almost certainly fired at long

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Smith s papers are full of examples of this description and

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large uterine fibroid complained of symptoms resembling

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from malaria at that time. Of the remaining persons

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plates of each pair in opposite directions. Very long sparks

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commission in July of same year and winning the Parkes

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tion resting on a sound experimental basis is conclusive. I

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accelerating eftect of small doses of alcohol was fre

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of the certifying practitioner it is unnecessary to dwell

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pepsin in. per cent solution of hydrochloric acid venom digested with

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possesses on the navigation and its winding nature the main

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nations were at a very low ebb and except with regard

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Subcommittee appointed to amend the Medical Acts be

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last May ijtli. The annual rate ot mortality in these towns which had

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upor Pledges to enable him to distribute more. But I should not blaze

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In these diseases of course isolation as we understand it was not

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