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culaj which they contain. This I proved by placing some

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introduced into the Senate establishing a University of the


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to Bachelors of Arts and of Science of the University of Tasmania.

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intense congestion. They were embedded in the pelvis by strong inflam

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made through the vaginal wall by cutting on the stone when

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ance was obtained from other bearer companies the wounded

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of the appointment of delegates on behalf of the British

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Civic Hospital with special reference to infectious diseases

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alone so long as no untoward symptoms arise. The following

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colleges which are under no control so long as they are

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down chemical standards of purity to which certain con

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Many Women who suckled Children dye ol the Contagion and the

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much compression of the whole sacral cord from the epidural

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readers will remember his habit of looking in after his mid

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We must again point out to several correspondents that we cannot take

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Bulloch who says they are absolutely sterile. I did not want

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lavage with warm water and sodium bicarbonate for an hour

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the Association not belonging to Branches are requested to

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its curriculum was then better than at the present time.

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Bill at present before Parliament will be read. Luncheon by kind in

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mg in another physician who agreed with the writer of the

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remuneration to the locum ienens which they refused to

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removed by an incision through the convex border of the

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The story itself has several morals. The most obvious of

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de Urgel first ordered by Master Gueran de Gerona Master

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hospital and laboratories for biological chemistry is now

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necessary medical and other attendants. It was not however

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