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commerce and passenger traffic of the North West of India and its

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sound passed inches and the lower part of the cervix was

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due course there was suppuration in the wound and he incised it himself

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quency with which anfemic patients particularly young

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and at long intervals. Sometimes a few ounces of urine of

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internally. Patient died in three hours time twenty hours after the

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Bill she shall not attend or for the services of an uncertified

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reference is easy and the information given is of such a

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acting upon the patient s circulation when thus carried

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suitable place to pitch a hospital in the whole peninsula.

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above or by incising a portion of the quadratus lumborum.

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Bill such tactics could not prevail in the end. The profession

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have been appointed. Each of these receives s. salary of

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relieves the spasm. Pain may be alleviated during an attack

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operations but in conjunction with his secretary. Major

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Macao with big girls who were free from the disease to

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likely wounds in the liver. I am speaking of transverse or

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entitled to take charge of medical and surgical wards in a general

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then discussed ana particulars of four outbreaks given.

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possible impugns the good faith of the members of the

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English newspapers for his supposed indifference to the

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ligamentum patellae. The specimen is of interest for it has

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could and arranging for free drainage. He rallied from the operation

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pain or annoyance but it gradually increased in size. For the last six

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petrology vulcanology and stratigraphical geology iu the Southern

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The next Proficiency Class will commence on Tuesday May nd at the

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coming prize fight with a biography almost as detailed

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of the bowels skin and kidneys. In controlling the fits

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Le Marchant he said the principle protecting confiden

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of the posterior tibial artery. There was however no pulsa

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in favour of other operations for example plastic operations

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lers who almost daily besiege our surgery doors are not only

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