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experimented on recovered. In the preparation of the so
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Its very correctness makes our index dull reading. How en
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which obtains in England and Wales. It is to the elucida
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to the lowest have been found guilty of torturing children I
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delegates for Great Britain and to serve as Her Majesty s
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but to wait until the Privy Council had issued the Order
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duced. Hardly second in technical skill and superior in
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the Conference open to a charge of seeking after their self
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be paralysed and those whose condition was doubtful. In
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railway line at Frere. There was the same trouble after the
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is important that the standard demanded by law whilst
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duties without receiving the requisite rank. Our own remarks were
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reasons only allowed fluid nourishment. An ample supply of
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respective merits of the two measures are discussed with
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due to defect in the growth of the uterus those due to
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spontaneously. Occasionally if the breathing was much
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in the report of the Executive adopted by the meeting That direct
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Pearson and his assistants Messrs. Yule and Bramley
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cases which are here reported but represent the two most pro
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of Mr. Victor Horsley the names were taken down. The
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board apartments and washing. Application to the Secretary Friar I. ne
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bowel empty cannot be overestimated. It may be possible that the seat
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be renewed at all. The condition of the water as may
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may be killed outright and a post mortem examination reveal
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Joseph Banks and Mr. Huxley were Presidents of the Royal
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pressed the opinion that many of the so called cases
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in the right liypochondrium extending along an oblique line passing
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injection being retained for ten minutes. After five or six
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substantial since in a patient of advanced years severe secondary fever
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pain produced. The patient had no pain when the current

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