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officer whose objects should be not to defy the Council but to promote

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there is always risk of the inguinal glands becoming affected.

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members of the club in recognition of their conspicuous

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upper third of the thigh presented the familiar appearance

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at night with flexion of the knees. After about ten minutes

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advocated a more systematic examination of the saliva in all

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in point of fact in late years so called water epidemics

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tion that the Privy Council expected the General Medical

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distinctly less than that on the right. The subcutaneous veins on the left

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son s disease amounting now to several hundreds so seldom

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would have been attributed to the operation and it would have

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demolished are chiefly those occupied by the poor. Where

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bad compound fracture of the femur high up. But with

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of the apparatus etc. are already in the hands of specialists

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Dr. Alfred Eddowes showed a case of psoriasis and osteo

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from wounds the health cf the troops in the campaign may

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nine hundred and two a woman shall not be entitled to

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My immediate object in nriting you is to enter an emphatic

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ideas and sentiments mingle and intersect throughout the

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posed. Owing to displacement of the lower punctum there is

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all symptoms. The method of operation was discussed by

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from the manufacturers of drugs instruments stationery

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The Staff of the Welsh Hospital sailed from Southampton in

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of the matter has been revised and brought into line with

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character of the sewage from the number or kind of the

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presenting the matter in a most concise form. It was a very

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that Lieutenant Roberts received his fatal wound and

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in the liver cells the diplococcus like bodies staining deeply

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