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Medical Council led to a short but interesting debate on
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Convocation. Lord Davey will not improbably be one of
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coroner to hold inquests on all these cases especially in large
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that nine tenths of the paper material used for the re
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abnormality or illness in the mother or child. The absence of
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University J. F. Dover College of Medicine Newcastle upon
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successful and has been extended to the treatment of leprosy.
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Medical Corps. In he served with the Chitral Relief
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from the highest to the lowest would be appointed and paid.
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ast decade. The remaining rooms in this gallery are devoted
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believed he must have had influenza but that it had not
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way nearer the trutl or the agreement which we both desire.
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experience to fiud wouaded patients with high or irregular
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and this was the class over which Mr. Adams had signally
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and gave characteristic growths on gelatine sugar agar and
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http// system administration /login/index.aspx
stores warehouses and all public buildings are to be destroyed and
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this pims the previous question is raised and properly
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of France should include the number of deaths which can be
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On returning to Dublin and finding that the expected
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leprosy as appears to be the case elsewhere. There are only
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the London Fever Hospital which had been. l i t A U
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enforce attendance of witnesses. If it found the charge
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diphtheria may begin npon the mucous membrane of the lips
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