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the epidemcity in Edinburgh but of course it must be
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account of her conversion at Durban into a hospital ship was
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etc. were not only performed but performed upon dogs
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Doubtless in many of these the stone had descended into the
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types of morbid process are grouped under the one head and
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parison of handwriting was very useful as corroborative
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the desirability of bringing the system of contract practice to
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and the fact is one that cannot be forgotten in plague ad
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ceeded by Sir Hecrv D. Littlejohn the present incum
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general temperature it gradually subsided in the course of
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against the Chairman of the Anti Quakerism Association if he
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plague regulations are being worked in the mildest manner and every
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I am reminded here of the substance oE what Sir William
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Dr. Walter Smith said that bullre were produced on the
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When the revolution of S S broke out although only a
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Darwin of a causal connection between the tides as deter
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The regiment had been out for a field day since early morn
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cause any subsequent harm surely is not in accordance with
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contractility. All these fundamental functions might be
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family history of tuberculosis. The illness had developed gradually and
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At this juncture two doctors came forward with a proposal
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with their successors shall be appointed by the President of
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sity of Michigan bestowed on him the degree of LL.D. He
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